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Download PDF by Salvador Dali: 50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship

By Salvador Dali

ISBN-10: 0486319806

ISBN-13: 9780486319803

Rare, vital quantity during which famed Surrealist expounds — in his inimitably eccentric style — on what portray could be, the background of portray, what's sturdy and undesirable portray, the benefits of particular artists, and extra. contains his 50 "secrets" for learning the craft, together with "the mystery of the painter's pointed mustaches."

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The secret of the sleep with three sea-perch eyes. 6. The secret of sleeping while awake. 7. The secret of the sympathies and antipathies of the painter's retina. 8. The secret of the favorable vegetations which the painter should plant around his house. 9. The secret of the periods of carnal abstinence and indulgence to be observed by the painter. 10. The secret of the painter's calendar, in accordance with which every important work may be realized in six days. 11. The secret of a telescope constructed with the Aristotle's lantern of a sea urchin by virtue of which the painter may know when he must stop working at his picture.

This was rigorously true. None of the painters who had hung their canvases in this room would have been capable of painting that door. And on the other hand, the house painter who had painted the latter would have been able very creditably to copy any one of the paintings exhibited! I myself was quite overcome by that door, and I wondered, with genuine curiosity, how many layers of paint there were, what proportion of oil and turpentine, to have produced a surface so homogeneous, smooth and even, so noble in its material solidity, which had demanded a minimum of honest workmanship which none of the exhibiting artists came anywhere near possessing.

17. The secret, very simple but important, of a small roof to protect the picture from dust. 18. The secret of the painter's pointed mustaches. 19. The secret of learning to paint before knowing how to draw. 20. The secret of learning to draw models in reverse by the use of a mirror. 21. The secret of the nine crutches serving to “fix” the most beautiful aesthetic poses of nude models. 22. The secret of oil-soaked strings serving to mark the geodesic curves of a turgescent nude. 23. The secret of the reason why a great draughtsman should draw while completely naked.

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50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship by Salvador Dali

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