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Download e-book for iPad: 501 Geometry Questions & Answers by LearningExpress Editors

By LearningExpress Editors

ISBN-10: 1576854256

ISBN-13: 9781576854259

A few geometry examine aids are overly advanced and do extra damage than stable. 501 Geometry Questions offers concise questions and transparent solutions to familarize scholars with geometry questions. Standardized tests-takers will locate this publication an integral relief. Math thoughts and homes are made transparent, together with trigonometry fundamentals, angles and features, ratios, share, perimeter, and floor measures.

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The sum of interior angles formed by a pair of parallel lines crossed by a transversal is always 360°. True or False 77. The sum of exterior angles formed by a pair of parallel lines and a transversal is always 360°. True or False 32 501 Geometry Questions Answers Set 11 51. d. In order to be a transversal, a line must cut across two other lines at different points. Line o crosses lines m and l at the same point; it is not a transversal. 52. b. When two lines intersect, they share a single point in space.

RXA. ∠XZ. ∠XRA. ∠ARX. No determination can be made. 90. Adjacent angles EBA and EBC make ∠ABC. ∠ABC measures 132°. ∠EBA measures 81°. ∠EBC must measure a. 213°. b. 61°. c. 51°. d. 48°. e. No determination can be made. 91. ∠SVT and ∠UVT are adjacent supplementary angles. ∠SVT measures 53°. ∠UVT must measure a. 180°. b. 233°. c. 133°. d. 127°. e. No determination can be made. 92. ∠AOE is a straight angle. ∠BOE is a right angle. ∠AOB is a. b. c. d. e. a reflexive angle. an acute angle. an obtuse angle.

1, ∠2, and ∠3 respectively measure a. b. c. d. 90°, 40°, 140°. 139°, 41°, 97°. 42°, 97°, 41°. 41°, 42°, 83°. 99. The measure of exterior ∠OPS is a. b. c. d. 139°. 83°. 42°. 41°. Set 20 Choose the best answer. 100. If ∠LKN and ∠NOP are complementary angles, a. b. c. d. e. they are both acute. they must both measure 45°. they are both obtuse. one is acute and the other is obtuse. No determination can be made. 101. If ∠KAT and ∠GIF are supplementary angles, a. b. c. d. e. they are both acute. they must both measure 90°.

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