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Download PDF by Douglas Richard Parks, Lula Nora Pratt: A dictionary of Skiri Pawnee (Studies in the Anthropology of

By Douglas Richard Parks, Lula Nora Pratt

ISBN-10: 0803219261

ISBN-13: 9780803219267

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A + sa ‘be lying’ + -waa DIST + -Ø PERF sakuriwihc (uur . A + uur- PREV + sakuriwihc + -:hus IMPF Rule 18. Sibilant Loss Rule. When c immediately follows the two-consonant cluster ks, the s of the cluster is dropped. A + ut- PREV + i- SEQ + uksJUSS + ciir ‘be energetic’ + -Ø (-uk ‘be’) Rule 19. Alveolar Dissimilation Rule. A common underlying sequence across morpheme boundaries is t + t. A + utPREV + tat- ‘stalk; plant’ + caaka ‘be protruding’ + -Ø PERF Rule 20. Consonant Degemination Rule. When two identical consonants come together, one is lost, resulting in a single (short) consonant.

29 30 GRAMMATICAL OVERVIEW Nominal inflection is generally restricted to two categories–case and plurality– but kinship terms are uniquely inflected for inalienable possession (see appendix 2). Derivational affixes are also few in number. Noun Inflection: Case and Plurality Nouns in Skiri fall into three classes on the basis of their inflectional marking. There are two cases, instrumental (‘with, using’) and locative (‘in, on, at; among’). Plural number is also marked for some nouns. Instrumental case is marked on all nouns–or at least on all those where it is semantically appropriate–by the suffix hiri®.

Ri®aat ‘summer’, kaa®ata ‘upland plover’), and in word-final position following a vowel, where, among other functions, they serve primarily to distinguish non-subordinate imperfective verb forms (with a final glottal stop) from subordinate forms (without a glottal stop), as in tiwaktiiku® ‘he is announcing’ and rakuwaktiku ‘for him to be announcing’. Because glottal stop does not occur in word-initial position and does not differentiate lexical meanings, it is treated as a null element in alphabetization.

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A dictionary of Skiri Pawnee (Studies in the Anthropology of North American Indians) by Douglas Richard Parks, Lula Nora Pratt

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