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In fact there are two overlapping entries in the last row. This is because TEX will tab to the next tab position even if (unlike a typewriter) it means going backward on the page. There is an interesting relationship between grouping and tabbing. The \settabs values are only applicable to the group in which it is defined, as would be expected. Thus it is possible to temporarily change the tab settings by grouping within braces. In addition, each table entry is in a group of its own. Hence we may make a single entry boldface, for example, by using \bf without braces.

Here is an example: TEXbook: 102 \parskip = 0pt \parindent = 30 pt \noindent Answer all the following questions: \item{(1)} What is question 1? \item{(2)} What is question 2? \item{(3)} What is question 3? \itemitem{(3a)} What is question 3a? \itemitem{(3b)} What is question 3b? will produce 24 TEXbook: 355 A TEX intro (Canadian spelling) Section 3: The shape of things to come Answer all the following questions: (1) What is question 1? (2) What is question 2? (3) What is question 3? (3a) What is question 3a?

One use allows accents to be typeset with no accompanying letter. For example, \~{} will print a tilde with no letter under it. It can also be used to stop TEX from eating up consecutive spaces. Hence I use \TeX{} all the time will leave a space after “TEX” in the output. This is an alternative to using \ as we did in Section 1. Grouping can also be used to avoid spaces in the middle of a word when including accents. Either soup\c con or soup\c{c}on will produce the word soup¸con. 1 Change the dimensions of one paragraph on a page using the grouping idea.

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A Gentle Intro to Tex

by Kevin

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