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Download e-book for iPad: A stochastic model for extinction and recurrence of by Finkenstadt B. F.

By Finkenstadt B. F.

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Read Online or Download A stochastic model for extinction and recurrence of epidemics estimation and inference for measles o PDF

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2 PROPERTIES OF RANDOMIZATION 33 teristics in each group and therebyfacilitates causal inference. If the number of subjects in a randomized study is large, it is unlikely that the two groups differ with respect to any characteristic that can affect the outcome under study, whether or not these characteristics are known to the investigators. To illustrate this property, we consider a hypothetical study to determine whether drug X is effective, as compared to drug Y,in reducing blood pressure for patients with hypertension.

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REFERENCES 45 Committee for the Assessment of Biometric Aspects of Controlled Trials of Hypoglycemic Agents ( I 975). Report, Journal of the American Medical Association, 231, 583-608. Cornfield, J. (1971). The University Group Diabetes Program: A Further Statistical Analysis of the Mortality Findings, Journal of the American Medical Association, 217, 1676-1687. Cox, D. R. (1 958), Planning of Experiments. New York: Wiley. Dorn, H. F. (1959). Some Problems Arising in Prospective and Retrospective Studies of the Etiology of Disease, The New England Journal of Medicine, 261 (1 2).

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A stochastic model for extinction and recurrence of epidemics estimation and inference for measles o by Finkenstadt B. F.

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