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By George Clack

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Lincoln thus signaled his intent to examine the war from both a theological and a political perspective. After recognizing that soldiers on both sides of the conflict read the Bible and prayed similar prayers, Lincoln probed the Bible’s appropriate use. Lincoln suggests that some wielded the Bible and prayer almost as weapons to curry God’s favor for one side or the other. But this only produced contrary readings of the same book. On one side stood those who read a Bible that they steadfastly believed sanctioned slavery.

60 ˆ ABRAHAM LINCOLN: A LEGACY OF FREEDOM Lincoln had defined winning the peace as achieving reconciliation. In this final paragraph he declares that the true test of the aims of war would be how Americans then treated the defeated. Sometimes the modern shibboleth “it’s only words” seems to win the day. This portrait of Abraham Lincoln is based instead in the premise that words matter. Lincoln led America through the Civil War with words that galvanized his nation’s courage. ” “Public sentiment is everything.

And Lincoln’s role as skillful diplomatist was an indispensable ingredient in forestalling European intervention and prevailing in one of the oftenforgotten yet crucially decisive battles of the Civil War. ;:C7D 46 ˆ ABRAHAM LINCOLN: A LEGACY OF FREEDOM * or some Americans, Abraham Lincoln remains the Great Emancipator, the man who freed the African-American slaves. For others, Lincoln was an opportunist who lagged behind the abolitionist movement, an advocate of black Americans’ voluntary emigration, and even a white supremacist.

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